Searching For the Best Aquarium Air Pump

19 Jan

Do you really need an aquarium air pump for your fish tank? You do, if you are after proper aeration in that underwater world in your living room. But an air pump has other uses too; that’s why serious aquarists and hobbyists always include this in their setup.

The main purpose of this device is to provide a source of oxygen for your fish while living in a man-made replica of their true habitat. Moreover, it also facilitates efficient water movement so as to avoid stagnation and pollution which can affect the health of your underwater friends. The bubbles of air produced by such a device can also lessen the presence of harmful gases as these can rise up on the surface of the water and evaporate naturally.

You also need an air pump in your aquarium if you want to achieve certain decorative effects. Because of the pressure and force produced by this device, you can set up spinning wheels and other moving ornaments in your fish tank to make it a more enjoyable place for the habitats and viewers of your aquarium as well.

Fortunately, buying an air pump is really easy; and it won’t cost you that much too. Read our reviews of some of the best air pumps on the market today so as to find the unit that’s most suitable to the type and size of your fish tank.

Air Pump Reviews – A Closer Look

Tetra Whisper Air Pump 10 Gallon (Non-UL)

As air pumps are normally loud and obtrusive, Tetra came up with a design that’s whisper-quiet yet powerful and effective in providing aeration and movement of water in your fish tank. This model is easy to set up as there are no complicated parts to assemble or step by step procedures to employ to make it run smoothly. You just basically need to plug the device in an electrical outlet and it will start working immediately.

This aquarium air pump also comes with an adapter. And this T-shaped device will allow you to set up 2 hoses to split the source of air when designing and decorating your fish tank.

Available in different power settings, you can choose from models that are especially intended for aquariums with 10 up to 100 gallons capacity of water.

EcoPlus 2 Air Pump, 2 Outlets

This model employs a dual valve system so you can already tell how powerful it is. It has 4 watts of power so the air output can accommodate fish tanks from 20 to 60 gallons easily.

The device is equipped with 2 outlets, so there are 2 sources of air pressure. This makes it the perfect pump when setting up a source of oxygen and running other devices and decorations as well.

You will also find the variable control system extremely useful as it allows you to adjust the airflow from the device easily. And the dial is conveniently located on the unit’s main body to allow you to control the amount of power and bubbles you want for your fish tank.

Note, too, that in spite of its design and power, this is not a noisy aquarium air pump especially when used in its low setting. You can, however, expect some vibrating and humming noise if you’re going to use it on a high setting.

Tetra Whisper Air Pump 40 Gallon

This is another Whisper-quiet model of aquarium air pump from Tetra and it proves to be powerful too, as you can choose from models that can handle up to 100 gallons of water (this one is 40). The quiet technology can be mainly attributed to the unit’s design which involves a dome-shaped chamber and rubber feet.

Because of its power and efficient design, it can provide the underwater world with high levels of oxygen to keep your fish happy, contented, and healthy. And of course, the moving and bubbly water also proves to be a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. So you can use this air pump to attach air stones, bubble bars, or decorative items in your fish tank.

Buying an Air Pump

As you can see, choosing and buying an air pump is really easy and uncomplicated as most of these units have the same principle in structure and design. It’s just the noise coming from these devices that always proves to be a problem; that’s why we chose the quietest models out there to include in our top 3 choices.

Remember, it’s a must to keep your fish tank oxygenated to maintain good health among its inhabitants. And adding bubbles and moving decorations in your aquarium will also make it a better place for your pet fish to live in while providing you with a breathtaking view too.