On the Lookout for the Best Undergravel Aquarium Filter

4 Jan

Using an undergravel aquarium filter is one of the oldest methods of attaining biological filtration in fish tanks. This technique is employed when you want to keep your underwater friends happy and healthy without going through all the trouble of frequent cleaning and changing of water.

When deciding to go for this type of under filter, your aquarium design will involve the use of rocks, stones, or gravel instead of sand. These will then be held suspended on top of the filter plates so as to maintain some space underneath the setup for filtration purposes. With this type of device, waste products from fish and leftover food are sucked and absorbed through the gravel flooring before being filtered and cleaned.

The best undergravel aquarium filter also works in promoting proper circulation of water not only underneath the gravel, rocks, and stones but in keeping the entire underwater environment fresh and clean for its habitats. The aquarium filter reviews found below will serve as your guide to finding the right model for your aquarium setup.

Locating the Top 3 Aquarium Filter Reviews

Finding an under gravel filter can be stressful if you don’t know what to look for. We’ve cut right to the chase with our selections below.

ClearFree Premium Undergravel Aquarium Filter

This model is equipped with an activated carbon component so as to clean your aquarium water of waste materials, chemicals, gases, and even discoloration. Because of the even filtration method that it provides, your tank’s content will be filtered and cleaned with the passing of water through the entire plates that hold the bed of gravel.

This unit also comes with air diffusers, which means more bubbles and water movement for a nice and healthy underwater environment. And since the lift tubes are adjustable, you can customize its height according to the water level in your aquarium. You can also choose to cover the unused tubes should you desire to use only a few as the package comes with collar caps for these.

The ClearFree under filter model made by Penn Plax comes in different power settings; so you can choose the appropriate type for your aquarium up to 55 gallons capacity.

Lee’s 10 Premium Undergravel Filter

Designed with a shallow slope towards the front side of the unit, this model can provide for an efficient filtration while keeping your aquarium’s decorations and plants stable and well-rooted. The package comes with everything you need, so setting it up is really easy and trouble-free.

Since the materials used in this model are made of strong plastics, you can be sure that the weight of gravel and stones can be accommodated accordingly without damaging the under filter plates.

The carbon cartridges in this undergravel aquarium filter are also changeable, so you can basically use the same unit for the duration of its life. The extra port (there are 3 ports in this filter setup) also allows you to employ the use of an additional power filter if you want to.

You can use this model of filter in fish tanks up to 15 gallons.

Lee’s 40/55 Premium Undergravel Filter

This undergravel aquarium filter is comprised of 2 trays to hold the gravel flooring on your fish tank and is the next step up from the Lee’s 10 above. Each tray comes with 4 ports; so this gives you the option to add power heads or other filtering systems to the setup. You can also choose to simply cover the extra ports if you don’t need them as there are caps included in the package to facilitate this arrangement.

The 4 carbon cartridges ensure efficient filtering of water in your tank so that ammonia and nitrate buildup can be avoided. This unit’s design is made in such a way that chemicals as well as dirt can be effectively filtered in your aquarium to keep the water healthy and conducive for underwater life.

This model of filter is recommended for use in aquariums up to a maximum of 55 gallons in size.

Buying an Undergravel Aquarium Filter for the Long Haul

Choose from any of those products in our top 3 aquarium filter reviews so as to ensure a safe, happy, and healthy habitat for your pet fish. Indeed, a clean underwater environment can make your fish thrive so that they’ll live for a long time and provide you with joy as they swim about in their own world.

For the sturdiest and long lasting power filter, look towards the Fluval F4 Filter.