Fishing For the Best Canister Filter

12 Jan

Aquarium canister filters are an excellent choice for purifying the water in larger aquariums. These filters are designed to remove the impurities and toxins from the aquarium, leaving an adequate aquatic environment in which marine life can thrive. These canister filters provide biological, chemical and mechanical filtration that varies depending upon the model of filter in question.

Fishing For the Best Canister FilterOne of the major advantages of owning a canister aquarium filter is the mere fact that it will purify and clear up the aquarium water, while remaining neatly hidden away without modifying the appearance and beauty of the aquarium.

Typical aquarium canister filters are designed with a lift tube that takes dirty water from the aquarium and into the filter. This water is later purified as it passes through a series of filters and later pumped back into the aquarium through an “exit” tube.

Of the many canister aquarium filters available on the market, there are three models that stand out from the others, given their performance and efficiency, among other top features.

Top 3 Aquarium Canister Filters

Let’s take a look at the top 3 recommended canister filters available for your aquarium:

Cascade® Canister Filter Pumps for Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums

As the name suggests, the Cascade® Canister Filter features a dual purpose action that can be easily installed for both salt and fresh water aquariums. This canister filter delivers a powerful combination of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration that leaves your aquarium water sparkling clean and ideal for your aquatic pets.

Unlike other brands, this filter comes readily equipped with all of the requisite parts and accessories for a quick set up and use in as little as half an hour! Not to mention, within one day of use, the Cascade Canister Filter produces visible change in water quality, making it one of the most efficient canister filters currently available.

An inbuilt easy push button self-primer guarantees a quick and efficient start up, while the innovative and independent 360 degree rotating valve caps add to the versatility of the entire system. To top it all off, this canister filter features a sturdy tip-proof base that keeps it firmly in place.

The presence of flow rate cut-off valves regulate water flow and ensure that the system works adequately at all times. The Cascade® Canister Filter Pumps for Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums is guaranteed to make a difference in the aquatic environment of your aquarium!

SunSun HW-302 3-Stage External Canister Filter

This canister filter runs silently, while managing to do a great filtration job. The Sun Sun HW – 302 caters for tanks up to 75 gallons. This state-of-the-art equipment yields a whopping turnover of up to 264 gallons per hour, ensuring optimum purification and detoxification of the water contained in the tank.

In addition, this filter comes accompanied by all of the accessories needed to get it up and running in no time!  The SunSun HW-302 3-Stage External Canister Filter features three flexible media trays in which other filtration media can be inserted to optimize the entire process according to one’s preference.

This unit also comes fitted with a self-priming pump that moves the water effectively throughout the system without the headache of manual siphoning.

Fluval 406 External Filter

This canister filter is by far one of the most advanced systems currently available, and it features a wide range of benefits that puts it ahead of the competition, without emptying your pockets. The Fluval External Filter works effectively for both fresh water and salt water aquariums.

It is ingeniously crafted with a sound dampening impeller design that allows it to work all day without the annoying buzz that is usually emitted by regular aquarium canister filters. It features a clog-proof intake strainer and a dual layer foam screen that allows the system to function continuously.

Not to mention, this top quality filter comes with a complete set of mechanical, chemical & biological filter media to boost filtration levels, while ensuring that all of your aquatic pets thrive in a healthy and clean aquatic environment.

This model can be used for aquariums of up 100 gallons, making it one of the ideal choices for most household fish tanks. This product is protected by a three – year seal of warranty should any adverse conditions develop during use.